Meeting Place Finder

Save Costs

Reduce the travel costs of your events and meetings by up to 70%. Our algorithms find the optimal location considering all guidelines and preferences.

Save time

Our MPF will find the shortest duration of travel averaged between all attending participants. Increase your working productivity by optimizing the time you spend traveling.

Go Green!

Save the Environment

Decrease your carbon footprint and act green! Our MPF will find a route with the least CO2 consumption between you and your attending participants.

The savings potentials of our Meeting Place Finder


Have a complete overview of travel costs, travel productivity and CO2 consumption.


Make a prognosis in the initial stages of the planning process to avoid inefficient or environmentally harmful meeting locations and maintain all costs in the organizational process.


No media interruptions lead to a smooth end-to-end process. Hereby, we can save an incredible amount of time for the organizers as well as focus on the security, the overall costs of the event, the productivity of the attendees and the CO2 consumption.

Artificial Intelligence

The MPF offers an AI to determine the optimal meeting location based on the given attendee information such as traveler preferences, travel policies and company rates.

Multi GDS engine

Hereby it is possible to compare all selected locations in real time and optimize towards travel time, costs and CO2 consumption.

Hotel GDS System

We can project additional hotel costs for the assorted options given. Compare and book from over 300,000 hotels worldwide.