Meet smart and green!

Explore the missing link between Meeting- and Travelmanagement and reduce carbon emissions and costs of your meetings!

10X faster meeting management process

Up to 30% of cost savings with our meeting place finder

Reduce your carbon footprint up to 30% by green meeting

100% compliance with your travel policies!

All journeys start somewhere

Let's start our journey where it really begins - at the request for a meeting! CONVIEN enables you to control cost of travel and carbon emissions in an unknown or at least untouched way. The need for travel often (50-60% in business travel) results from a meeting request. Are those meetings necessary? Are all participants important to the outcome of the meeting? Does the meeting really need to be at the location the host suggested or are there more optimal places? CONVIEN helps you provide answers to those questions.

CONVIEN is an innovative software provider, maximizing your productivity and minimizing the cost and the carbon footprint of your meetings – can it get any better? Ease your meeting arrangements with a simple workflow and let our Meeting Place Finder calculate the most optimal meeting location for you!

Save Costs

Save up to 30% of travel and accommodation cost by choosing the best meeting location reflecting all your travel and meeting culture.

Enhance Productivity

Plan your meetings and events in a lean process reflecting the optimal connectivity for your participants. Enhance productivity and wellbeing of your travelers!

Save the Environment

Decrease your carbon footprint and act green! Our Meeting Place Finder will calculate the most optimal location including costs, security, productivity and CO2 consumption for all attendees.



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