The travel and meeting management industry is in a continuous state of evolution and an ever-changing environment. Modern technologies, additional destinations and new industry policies are piling up day-by-day. To control this evolving landscape, we focus on a traveler-centric approach to ease the process and the integration of travel and meeting management. Our products have an integrated software solution whereby the organizer can plan, invite and manage the meeting arrangements whilst being able to stay on the same platform to finalize the trip by booking the necessary transportation and accommodation, if needed.

Product Features

Small-sized companies
Mid-sized companies
Online Booking Engine
GDS Login Amadeus
Travelfusion LCC Direct
Train transportation
HRS Hotel Booking
Skyscanner flights
Meeting/Event Organizer
Invite, organize & manage attendees
Real-time notification
Communication channel
Attendee survey
Event Mode / Anonymous
Smartnotation Meeting Minutes
Meeting Place Finder Learn more here
CO2 Optimization
Travel Time Optimization
Travel Cost Optimization
Accomodation Cost Optimization
Working Cost Optimization
Personalized Meeting Mode
Anonymous Meeting Mode
Trade Fair Database Check
Negotiated Rates Handling
Travel compliance
Door2Door guidance
Travel policies global policies Individualized policies
Profile (user) management
Approval process
Cost center management
Assigned role managers
Air-plus Corporate Cards supported
Brand/Logo customization
PCI DSS compliance (payment security)
Private Cloud
Public Cloud
On premise hosting
Back office support
Offline booking
24/7 customer support
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