For your corporate travel and meeting management

” Empower your business travelers to answer their own needs! “

Our corporate travel and meeting management solution simplifies the most complex workflow processes. Your employees can take advantage of features such as Meeting Place Finder and our integrated online booking engine. The integration of cost center management, profile management, individual policy agreements and assigned role management tools allow you to map your corporate culture, as well as to control and optimize your travel and meeting processes.

Manage your travel smart

  • Book flights and train transportation from over 700 different airlines including Amadeus GDS, Travelfusion LCC Direct, and Deutsche Bahn.

  • Compare and book accommodations from over 300,000 different hotels. HRS hotel booking is of course available.

  • We offer an end-to-end platform with no media interruptions and a smooth booking process.

  • Say the word and we will adjust any changes, add-ons or requests to your customized travel and meeting management tool.

CONVIEN VENUE - Plan a business trip
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Schedule, plan and organize your meetings and events

  • Whether you are planning meetings, workshops or conferences, Venue will help you plan, invite and manage your event from start to finish.

  • Organize your meetings and let us help you find the most optimal meeting location with our Meeting Place Finder (MPF).
    1. Analyze, prognose and optimize your meeting travel cost based on the given attendee information.
    2. Choose whether you want the most environmentally friendly route, the most time efficient or the cheapest route for you!
    3. Individual preferences of all attendees are taken into consideration. Any travel policies are of course also listed.

  • Communicate on a whole new level.

CONVIEN VENUE - Plan a meeting with meeting place finder, mpf, productivity, price comparison, CO2 emission
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Ensure and define individual travel policies

  • Adopting the policies comes naturally when you have a simple solution for your business travelers.

  • Custom-built, user-friendly technology and workflows are designed specifically to fit your company culture.

  • Traveler-centric technology will ease the use of the platform and gives the traveler the chance to answer his own needs!

  • A private cloud solution is provided and hosted in Germany.

CONVIEN VENUE - Company travel policies, individuell settings
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Manage one account

  • Advanced profiles make everyday work easier for travelers, managers and assistants

  • Get all travel solutions from one source and have your data organized in one place!

CONVIEN VENUE - Manage your VENUE account
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