The CONVIEN platform is a web-based software that enables the organizer of a meeting to choose the optimal location and time period, thus achieving significant savings in climate-damaging emissions, travel costs and travel time.
The modern and modular architecture enables seamless integration into existing infrastructure and the adaptation of customer-specific data sources, policies, negotiated rates and import/export formats.
A user-friendly web client is available as an intuitive user interface, as well as the Outlook Add-in, which makes the Meeting Place Finder directly available in the Microsoft planning tool.

To run a projection, the system needs possible time periods and participant information ( personalized or anonymized by places of origin ), which can also be provided via uploads.
As a result, the user receives a list of possible destinations, either specified by him or suggested by the CONVIEN algorithms. The location results contain all necessary key information such as the mobility-related CO2 footprint, travel and hotel costs, productivity indexes, safety information and policy compliance.
Data is collected from customer-specific data sources ( Travel / Hotel GDS ) and takes into account maintainable mobility profiles to accurately predict participant travel processes.

Detailed reporting provides global insights into savings, meeting and travel culture of the company. Additionally, conclusions can be drawn for travel and hotel purchasing to not only use negotiated rates in projections, but also target service providers relevant to effective meeting reality.
Individual evaluations also enable the incentivization of sustainable decisions by employees.

Connectivity / interoperability with internal or external booking solutions and sourcing systems enables an end-to-end process from planning an event to booking travel and hotels for the participants.
Linking meeting and travel management not only enables savings, but also allows you to optimize processes and establish user-friendly compliance.

The Meeting Place Finder can be used for meetings of all sizes.
The Outlook Add-in offers maximum convenience through direct usability in the invitation process and also enables immense savings here.
An individual reporting of the avoided climate-damaging gases ensures transparency and motivation for further sustainable decisions.