The savings potentials of our Meeting Place Finder

Save Costs

Reduce the travel costs of your events and meetings by up to 30%. Our algorithms find the optimal location considering all guidelines and preferences.

Save time

Our MPF will find the shortest duration of travel averaged between all attending participants. Increase your working productivity by optimizing the time you spend traveling.

Go Green!

Save the Environment

Decrease your carbon footprint and act green! Our MPF will find a route with the least CO2 consumption between you and your attending participants.

Meeting Place Finder Aspects


Gain insights into your meeting culture and the associated costs. Any optimization of your travel processes and strategic meeting management should be based on a complete data foundation that takes into account not only the costs of MICE sourcing, but also the travel processes that depend on them.


Make a prognosis in the initial stages of the planning process to avoid inefficient or environmentally harmful meeting locations and get an expanded cost overview for your upcoming meetings.


Make qualified decisions for your event and benefit from the resulting savings potential in terms of travel costs, accommodation costs, participant productivity and the carbon footprint in a smooth end-to-end process.

Artificial Intelligence

The MPF uses artificial intelligence techniques to anticipate the participants' travel behavior as an expert system, taking into account their individual preferences and guidelines, and from this to determine the optimal location and timing for your meetings from a variety of possibilities.

Multi GDS engine

The integrated Multi-GDS engine gives you access to the data sources and tariffs that are relevant for your company in order to perfectly adapt to your existing system landscape when forecasting the ecological and economic framework data.

Hotel GDS Access

The connection to leading hotel reservation systems not only enables the evaluation of travel costs and working time costs but also a projection of the expected accommodation costs of the participants. In this case - analogous travel costs - individual rates as well as agreed rates of your company can be used.