Reduce your carbon footprint

You have to organize a business/private meeting with participants of different international or national origin. Did you know that traveling produces most of CO2 – choosing the right place to meet can save a lot!

Your regional marketing managers need to meet,
but does it have to be in New York again?

42% CO2 saved (29933.80 kg)
41% CO2 saved (30556.89 kg)
40% CO2 saved (31336.61 kg)
39% CO2 saved (31464.43 kg)
34% CO2 saved (34051.60 kg)
34% CO2 saved (34217.11 kg)
34% CO2 saved (34283.47 kg)
29% CO2 saved (36800.33 kg)
26% CO2 saved (38445.69 kg)
New York
42% CO2 more (51965.90 kg)
51% CO2 more (60628.45 kg)
55% CO2 more (67205.36 kg)

All your future meetings should be green & Reduce your carbon footprint

To organize a webmeeting is most eco-friendly, however, it's not always possible – therefore, the easiest way to reduce CO2 is to choose the right place for your meeting.

convien green meeting showcase

Did you know...

The CO2 emissions of an international meeting with 10 attendees can be compared to:

23.5 tons of apples harvested in Germany

1,145 spruces that have to neutralize the CO2

30% greener

Social responsibility starts by choosing your meeting location!

In today’s world, we have the possibilities of meeting anywhere we want. Most of the time, we meet to plan projects, partnerships, business developments or budgets. In this case, the meeting location is not considered to be the highest priority.
However, the location does play a significant role to our environment. By having the possibility of choosing the optimal meeting place, we can save up to 30% CO2 emissions per attendee.

5x faster

CONVIEN Green Meetings will help you plan the most optimal location for your meeting and will guide you to an exceptional end2end meeting management process which lets you plan your meeting 5 times faster.

How Green Meeting works...

convien meeting place finder - green meeting
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One of the main drivers of all CONVIEN products is carbon footprint, therefore we started at the beginning – where to meet saves the most!

We developed the Meeting Place Finder with the CO2 Calculator to find routes with the least CO2 consumption between you and your attending participants.