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Gain insights into your meeting culture

  • Any optimization of travel processes and strategic meeting management should be based on a complete data foundation that considers not only the costs of MICE sourcing, but also the travel processes that depend on them. The goal is to streamline structures and increase transparency & savings driven by consolidation.

  • Transparent evaluation and analytical reporting of all activities are the key to strategic meeting management.

  • CONVIEN VENUE is designed to support and ease your corporate travel management. However, there is more to the VENUE Meeting Place Finder than “just” optimizing your meetings - with CONVIEN, the analysis of the companys’ meeting and travel culture is also possible.

  • Various reports such as the evaluation of the number of participants or/and the evaluation of the planning period (when exactly meetings are planned) are possible.

  • The latest release of CONVIEN VENUE gives a practical insight into the meeting experience as a basis for:
    * Flight & Hotel rate negotiations
    * Strategic Purchasing e.g. internal & external meeting capacities
    * Controlling SOPs and Guidelines etc.
    * Overall transparency

  • In conclusion, reports can help with the process optimization and enable purchasing advantages. With this detailed information, huge cost savings can be achieved in the area of company events.


How to reduce your CO2 footprint & costs with the Meeting Place Finder

  • Did you know that our planet has to deal with 3.374.250.000 tons of CO2 every year, which originates from business trips!

  • The travel of the participants is with 70% the biggest CO2 producer at meetings. Right behind is accommodation with 15%, food with 10% and energy needs & infrastructure with 5%.

  • The big challenge is, that personal meetings are crucial for the business - one cannot always replace them with web meetings, meaning smart solutions are needed.

  • Our approach is the Meeting Place Finder software, which analyzes millions of travel connections based on the places of origin of the attendees in order to facilitate the selection of the optimal meeting place regarding CO2 consumption, ticket cost and working time.

  • With the Meeting Place Finder, it is possible to manage the planning of the meeting all the way up to sending out the invitations.
    1. The organizer determines the participants with their places of origin in the Meeting Place Finder software.
    2. One selects one or more time periods for the meeting to take place. The Meeting Place Finder will then identify the optimal meeting places for thetime periods according to CO2 emission.
    3. The organizer selects the optimal date by detecting the availabilities of theparticipants via the software.
    4. One sends out the invitations via the software including the optimal travel recommendation for each participant. The participant is even able to book the trip via our CONVIEN booking engine.

  • Apart from choosing minimum CO2 consumption, we also provide lowest ticket costs and maximum productivity (lowest travel & labor costs). We are able to analyse travel & hotel costs and have negotiated flight & hotel rates.

  • With the Meeting Place Finder, travel policies and a control mechanism for procurement are also possible.

  • Individual needs such as multimodal travel search (Flights, Rail, Car), adjustable data sources (Amadeus, Travelfusion,...) and custom destination algorithms ( Company Seats, ... ) can be adjusted.

  • The user is able to have procedural freedom. They can choose between the anonymous and personalized mode. The Meeting Place Finder is compatible with integrated or external travel booking solutions.


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Maverick buyers

  • Knowledge is power - especially when it comes to business travel. To run a successful meeting is a big challenge for many. That's why adequate solutions are essential to make business travel more efficient. A non-systematic approach to travel and bookings not only costs time and money, but also poses a security problem. In many companies, despite dedicated business travel, travel service providers will be searched and booked through other channels, called maverick buyers. Their main motivation is the hope of being able to save costs. However, if the buyer does not comply with the travel requirements, the costs incur through unused discounts, the time spent on research and in accounting for the aggregation and posting of individual documents. In addition, all companies have the duty of care for all their employees, which is extremely difficult to assess if the companies do not know where their employees are. That's why it's important that companies have an efficient Online Booking Engine (OBE), which is easy to use.

  • Some advantages for companies to use an Online Booking Engine:
    1. This allows companies to map the travel organization holistically - from travel request to travel booking to travel expense.
    2. Direct travel expenses are reduced through price comparisons, access to corporate and special rates.
    3. Interactive travel policies prevent overpriced travel and, in some cases, if a travel is more expensive than allowed, it must be approved by a travel manager.
    4. The travel organization is simplified by a profile management and standardized booking and billing processes.

  • Some advantages for travellers to use an Online Booking Engine:
    1. Unified processes and the implementation of travel policies allows full control of user bookings and expenditures.
    2. A fast planning of the journey on favourable terms and conditions.
    3. The centralized travel process will simplify management and the day-to-day workflows leading to time and productivity management.
    4. The traveller will get all travel solutions from one source and have the data organized in one place.

  • For employees to comply with the bookings and therefore avoid maverick booking, it is advisable to have clear travel policies that are openly communicated and verified. For the cost control, an overview of all travel costs is essential.


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How can I improve my work-life balance by optimizing business travel?

  • I developed the idea for CONVIEN when I felt I was spending more time at the airport than with my family. The main drawbacks during my business trips were unfavourable flight times and connections due to hastily selected meeting destinations. The associated long waiting and transfer times not only cost valuable working time, but also affect the work-life balance and thus productivity.

  • Constant travel not only tugs at my nerves - Almost every second employee finds business travel stressful, as a survey of the German Travel Association e.V. businesspeople traveling more than 50 times a year also complain about a significant disruption to their work-life balance.

  • Appreciation towards employees, on the other hand, has a positive effect on commitment and motivation. One of the signs of appreciation, in my opinion, is to keep stress for business travellers as low as possible. I found out that longer travel times, for example because of one or more stopovers, ultimately increase staff costs and burden staff, even if the fare is initially cheaper.

  • I imagined a system that allows participants to compare travel experiences for different meeting locations based on travel time, travel costs, and CO2 emissions. For the first time, this system enabled me to consider indirect travel costs, such as personnel costs due to long waiting times at the airport. In doing so, I discovered considerable savings potential - the foundation for the Meeting Place Finder was laid.

  • Based on the places of origin of the participants from different parts of the world, the Meeting Place Finder determines the optimal meeting destination. The CO2 emissions and the cheapest travel costs and subsistence costs are calculated for all participants, if desired including the indirect travel costs in the form of personnel costs.